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Wilson James Associates, Inc. - Accessibility Consultant


How to achieve compliance and When compliance must be achieved are equally important. It’s not sufficient to know one and not the other. The technical requirements of the ADA, the various Building Codes, and parts of the Fair Housing Act comparatively are slowly becoming more uniform, although they still have major disparities. Requirements, of the broad scope, are different among the governing bodies that possess the enforcement authority regarding accessibility violations. This is where Wilson James Associates sets itself apart from other consultants in the field of accessibility. We know How and When compliance must be achieved.

Are you asking, what can Wilson James Associates do for me/us?

Here are the accessibility services that we provide to you:

• Provide On-site Inspections and Property Assessments - Read below
• Develop Property Evaluations and Transition Reports - Read below
• Provide Training and Technical Assistance - Read below
• Serve as an Expert Witness for law suits and other legal matters - Read below

Inspections and Property Assessments

Wilson James Associates will perform a thorough inspection of the elements and spaces in your building or facility that are required to be accessible. Adherence to all relevant laws or codes will determine compliance and can be used as a guide for any remedial action necessary.

Evaluations and Transition Reports

An evaluation can be made once the overall accessibility of a building has been identified. A concise report will expose barriers that require removal. Transition reports are also provided when a client desires to detail specifically how he or she plans to achieve compliance which will include the timeline for completion of the updates. It should be understood that not all elements and spaces in existing facilities may be required to be accessible.

Training and Technical Assistance

Training can be provided to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge in the field of accessibility. This is especially important to Code officials, Design professionals, property managers, and people in the Building trades or Construction industry. Which law, code, standard, or regulation that must be followed leads to confusion. This is usually the reason why accessibility compliance is not achieved. Such confusion can be minimized, and even completely cleared up, with the appropriate training and technical assistance Wilson James Associates offers. Either in the classroom, by reviewing architectural drawings in the design stage, assisting with solving problems on-site, or at any other time in the project, we can find a solution for your training and technical assistance needs.

Expert Witness in Legal Matters

Law suits involving accessibility issues are becoming more and more common and Wilson James Associates has been called upon to provide the expert testimony necessary to support a strong legal case. Issues regarding non-compliance with technical requirements in a building or facility and problems with providing reasonable accommodations to a disabled person in the work-place are two specific areas that are crucial, under the ADA, for avoiding discrimination.