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Wilson James Associates, Inc. - Accessibility Consultant

About Us

Dan Muterspaw is a part-owner of Wilson James Associates and serves as its Chief Technical Advisor. Dan’s knowledge and experience date back to the mid-1970s. Serving in the public and private sectors during that time has provided valuable experience from the building industry, the residential and commercial Building Code areas, and in dealing with various governmental agencies and their specific regulations. He has been nationally published and has served as Vice President of the Delaware Building Officials Association.

In 1998, Dan was appointed as the Chief Administrator of the State of Delaware’s Architectural Accessibility Board(AAB). This appointment wasn’t political, it was, and is, based on Dan’s overall qualifications and understanding of the technical requirements for accessible buildings and facilities. In this position for over sixteen years, Dan has conducted, literally, thousands of plan reviews for construction and/or alteration projects, and investigated numerous accessibility complaints throughout the state. He has assisted the State’s Dept. of Education during many of their reviews by the federal Office of Civil Rights and has been involved with Delaware’s Emergency Management Agency in developing their strategy for identifying accessible facilities for possible emergency shelters. Most recently, he has begun assisting Delaware’s Dept. of Elections with evaluating existing and potential polling places. The specific requirements for the various governing bodies and agencies (ANSI, ADAAG, UFAS, the Fair Housing Act, etc.) is quite extensive and can be very confusing. Dan can differentiate between the mandates of this Acronym Jigsaw Puzzle to clearly identify any barriers to access.

Connie Muterspaw is the co-founder and principle owner of Wilson James Associates. Originally from Colombia, South America, Connie was an integral member of the City of Wilmington’s Planning Department where she excelled in land annexation and zoning issues. Having retired from the City, she now finds herself as not only a small business owner, but the main coordinator, facilitator and chief administrator of the company’s projects and activities.

Wilson James Associates is ready to use our knowledge and expertise to serve you. We can be counted on to assist by making site inspections in the field, by leading a seminar on the requirements of barrier-free design for a group of Architects and/or Engineers, or by any other means requested. We believe our combination of knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Please call 302-777-5944 or contact us through or Contact Page.