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Wilson James Associates, Inc. - Accessibility Consultant

Welcome to Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility is a civil rights issue under federal law. Since passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA) in 1990, the mandates for accessibility in buildings and facilities have become very confusing to many people. Barrier-free design and removal of barriers are now parts of the law all of us must live by, and a failure to do so could be deemed to be discrimination against a disabled person because of his or her handicap.

Good intentions have fallen short! Due to confusion, lack of understanding, and minimal enforcement, we certainly have fallen short! Over twenty years after passage of the ADA, you can look around and see where a set of

Inaccessible steps
Accessibility... NO WAY!

steps is not accompanied by an adjacent wheelchair ramp, or where a bathroom in a public building doesn’t have grab bars or sufficient space to maneuver a wheelchair, or even a wide enough door to roll through. Many buildings still do not provide accessible parking spaces and the lack of curb ramps can be observed in many places. Due to such conditions, the need for an experienced accessibility consultant still exists today.

Wilson James Associates not only knows how, but also knows when, to achieve compliance with the accessibility standards. We are one of the few accessibility consultants in the Delaware region to dedicate its efforts and activities to the critical examination of barrier-free design.

We invite you to take a thorough look at us. We are ready to serve you and the disability community with the expertise and guidance that you both deserve.